Monday, December 1, 2008

Frozen Sandisk Sansa Clip Fix for OSX (M340)


Just thought I should post how to fix a frozen Sansa clip because it took me so long to figure it out and the Sansa webpage was not at all helpful. The clip was opening up to the starting screen but never going on past that. It also would not show up as a drive on my powerbook.

1. Power down the clip.
2. Turn on the lock.
3. Hold down the middle button and plug in the USB.
4. Drag and drop any file you want to save onto your desktop.
5. When the drive appears got to your Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility
6. Click on erase tab.
7. select ms-dos (FAT)
8. Click erase.

Post any questions in the comment section.


J said...

Tried this, but on powering up the Clip I get the message "Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 4MB" and then it switches off.

Good hint about the power off and middle button though. Didn't know that one.

maha said...

i want sansa cip driver plz send me to this mail id

JohnCornor said...

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Kasey Lind said...

What's the windows alternative to the Disk Utility?